Big Basin - Skyline to the Sea

Race Day Information



The Big Basin - Skyline to the Sea will be held on Sunday, June 3rd at Saratoga Gap (Skyline Blvd & Hwy 9). No parking at Saratoga Gap. Runners should either be dropped off at Saratoga Gap or take the shuttle service from Hwy 1 (1.8 miles South of RdO entrance gate).

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For those who signed up (included in entry unless you opted out) for the shuttle service, the buses leave from Hwy 1 at 6:45 a.m. (Location: 1.8 miles South of RdO entrance gate. Please click on Google Map above for directions.) The ride is approximately 85 minutes to the start at Saratoga Gap. We'll have plastic bags at runner check-in for your extra clothing. Please write your name and bib # on your bag and we'll transport it to the finish area.

After the finish, there will be a shuttle from the RdO entrance gate to the parking area (1.8 miles south on Hwy 1).


Friends and family members coming to the finish area will also park at the Shuttle Service Lot on Hwy 1 (Location: 1.8 miles South of RdO entrance gate. Please click on Google Map above for directions.) There will be a shuttle running continously starting at 12 noon.

Bib Number Pick-Up

Sun - 8:00 a.m. - 8:45 a.m.
Saratoga Gap, Skyline Blvd. (No parking at Saratoga Gap. Runners should either be dropped off at Saratoga Gap or take the shuttle service from Hwy 1.)


Boulder Creek


The course will be marked with pink ribbon approximately every 400 meters. The Gazos Loop will be marked with orange ribbon. We will give you a special rubber band after you complete the Gazos Loop to take to the finish line.

The most important course marking is the polka-dot flagging. It indicates a turn at an intersection. There will be at least two polka-dot flagging before a turn in the course. The polka-dot flagging will be placed before and on the same side as the required turn. As you approach an intersection, look for any polka-dot flagging before the turn. Waiting until you're in the intersection to determine the correct direction may be confusing and you may go the wrong way. After you complete the turn, there will be orange, and/or pink flagging indicating the correct route. We also hang blue ribbons at critical junctions indicating the wrong way. Blue is bad!

If you don't see a orange or pink ribbon for 10 minutes, you are off course. If you get off course, you should retrace your path until you find where you left the course and then continue along the marked course.

Please be courteous on the trail. If you're passing another runner or hiker, announce "on your left" as you approach.

Headphones are allowed on dirt road sections only. Please do not wear headphones on single-track trail, while crossing paved roads, when getting aid at aid stations, or while crossing the finish line.

Your bib number indicates the distance that you're running. If you want to change your distance, please send us an e-mail or let us know by check-in, at the latest.

Many of the parks in California have poison oak. We recommend staying on the trail and washing with Tecnu after your trail run. Occasionally, bees or yellow jackets may be active and precautions should be taken if you're allergic.

No dogs allowed on the course. Please don't leave pets in your vehicle.

Elevation Gain

  • Gain - 3,190'
  • Loss - 5,790'
  • (Elevation changes determined using an Avocet altimeter.)

    Aid Stations

    Fully-stocked aid stations every 5 mi - 8.6 mi. You can expect fresh fruit, salty snacks, assorted candy, water, and eectrolyte sports drink. If you would like to be sure that you have any other specific item at the event, you should carry it with you. Additionally, it is highly recommended that runners carry at least 20 oz. of water between aid stations.

        50 Km

    Distance (Mi)

    Next Aid


    Crew Access

    1. Waterman Gap





    2. China Grade




    3. Gazos Creek



    1:00 p.m.*


    4. Gazos Creek




    4. Twin Redwoods



    5. RdO Headquarters (Finish)



    5:00 p.m.


    * Those not making the 1 p.m. cut-off at Gazos Creek (25.5 Km) will bypass the Gazos Loop and head directly to the finish (42 Km, marathon).

    Post-Run Activities

    There will be post-run snacks at the finish line.

    Award medals are given to the 1st female and male finishers overall and top three finishers in each age group. All finishers will receive a custom medal and 50 Km finishers will also receive a custom coaster.

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